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Adam Lewis

 Social Impact | Sustainability | Innovation

Reimagining the untapped power of play and sport to create just and equitable cities. Currently leading Human Rights, Social Impact and Sustainability for FIFA World Cup 2026 in Kansas City, MO. 

Let's Collaborate 

541-207-8802 | adam.isador@gmail.comLinkedIn

Collaborators and Funders



Play, empathy and creativity are necessary to drive social justice and create a more equitable world.

With play, sport and community at the forefront, I work to center those with lived experience and lead with authentic allyship and an ongoing anti-racism practice. 

As a Nonprofit Founder and Executive, COO, Head of Strategy, and Executive Fellow, I've collaborated with Fortune 500 companies, sports teams and leagues, governments, start-ups, grassroots nonprofits and everything in-between.

I've had the incredible privilege to ‘talk’ about play, empathy and social change at TEDx, deliver a Keynote address at the New Leaders Council Convention on play and politics, and host a Seminar on CSR programs with ThinkNW.

In my free-time, I try to bring a sense of play into all that I do. Recently, I’ve been surfing the Oregon Coast, training for a marathon, playing lots of soccer and throwing ceramic pots.

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